Facing the future.

  • CARA – Cares for you.

    Time consuming mask fittings are history. Simple use is in  greater demand than ever.
    Does that sound familiar?
    Masks from Löwenstein Medical Technology have made  fittings easy for you for many years. With CARA we have gone one step further, perfecting the proven advantages in a  thoroughly modern way. The lightweight CARA mask features a softly supple cushion with exact fit, a quiet, diffuse exhalation system and other details that make life easier.

  • Two sizes  – one decision

    The first impression has staying power. The mask cushion is soft and supple. It adapts ideally to the contours of any nose and makes a forehead cushion obsolete. You choose from just two different sizes which can be placed on the same mask frame. The standard cushion in S/M fits about 65 percent of patients. Use size M/L for larger noses.

  • Sensational silence

    The exhalation system near the ball-and-socket joint has proven itself over the years. Now we’ve managed to make it leaner and quieter. We have kept the gaps which create a diffuse flow of air that does not disturb patient or bedmate and the upper closed portion that stops air from flowing toward patient’s eyes. CARA is so quiet that even the ticking of a clock is louder.

  • CARA goes green

    CARA also considers its environmental impact. Not only are few materials used, but everything is recyclable.

    After conducting a thorough examination of our headgear, the external institution Hohenstein awarded it the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate. It confirms that the materials used are neither harmful to health nor incompatible with skin.

  • Bank on the best

    The ball-and-socket joint turns 360° in 3D to give the patient unlimited freedom of movement throughout the night while CARA remains securely in place.

  • Details that make life easier

    The mask cushion can be positioned on the mask frame only in the right way. The headgear too allows only proper handling. The teal-colo-red area is always on top and the headgear is easily fastened with EasyGrab.

Article numbers

Device description
CARA Nasal S/M
WM 25600
CARA Nasal M/L
WM 25610

Replacement parts

  • .

  • headgear

    including headgear clips

    WM 25233

  • mask cushion

    Size S/M: WM 25238

    Size M/L: WM 25239

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)
72x115x89 mm
Weight Size S/M
Weight Size M/L
Temperature range Operation
+5 °C bis +40 °C
Temperature range Storage
-20 °C bis +70 °C
Flow resistance at 50 l/min
0,02 hPa
Flow resistance at 100 l/min
0,3 hPa
Service life
up to 12 months