Sleep soundly.

  • The thoroughly modern nasal and full face masks in the CARA family satisfy patient requirements for a perfect fit, great wearing comfort, gentle, quiet exhalation and good skin compatibility.

    Our successful CARA masks win over fans with their lightness, the soft, supple mask cushion, adjustable headgear, an excellent fit and other clever details.

    CARA offers the right solution to nearly every mask wearer.

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  • NEW!

    CARA Full Face

    Comfortable for full-face mask wearers

    The new CARA Full Face now offers all full face mask wearers the comfort of the successful CARA nasal mask and completes the CARA family.

  • NEW!

    CARA – now available in size XS

    Sleep comfortable

    Feedback on CARA is overwhelming – it is already our most successful mask. To date, only patients with very small noses have not been able to use the mask. Effective immediately, they too can benefit from our CARA – CARA in size XS.

The advantages of the CARA family:

    • Very soft and supple mask cushion in three sizes
    • Quiet exhalation system with diffuse flow does not disturb sleep
    • Lightweight
    • Color-coded headgear simplifies assembly
    • Upper headgear can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for any head size
    • Quick-release cord allows rapid removal of CARA Full Face in an emergency
    • Ball-and-socket joint gives patient complete freedom of movement
    • Extremely resilient material
  • Soft

    The first impression is good and lasting. The soft and supple mask cushion fits snugly and hugs the contours of the face, making it optimum for long wearing comfort even without a forehead cushion.

  • Quiet

    The exhalation system located near the ball-and-socket joint has proved itself over the years. The slotted openings yield a diffused air flow that does not disturb patient or bed mate while the closed upper area prevents air from flowing toward the patient’s eyes. The system has been perfected in the CARA family of masks.  The limited number of parts simplifies operation, reduces the mask’s weight and relieves the strain on the environment with less material production and disposal.

  • Excellent

    CARA nasal could do more than convince you – it was awarded the international design prize Focus Open in 2018.



Article numbers

Device description
CARA Nasal S/M
CARA Nasal M/L
WM 25590
WM 25600
WM 25610
CARA Full Face S
CARA Full Face M
CARA Full Face L
WM 25630
WM 25640
WM 25650

Replacement parts

  • headgear CARA

    including headgear clips
    XS: WM 25191
    Standard: WM 25192

  • headgear
    CARA Full Face

    including headgear clips
    WM 25243

  • headgear Size XL

    WM 25338

  • mask cushion CARA

    Size XS: WM 25189
    Size S/M: WM 25238
    Size M/L: WM 25239

  • mask cushion CARA Full Face

    Size S: WM 25601
    Size M: WM 25602
    Size L: WM 25603

  • Quick-release cord CARA Full Face

    WM 25623

Technical data

CARA Full Face
(W x H x D)
72x112x70 mm (Size XS)
72x117x70 mm (Size S/M)
72x118x70 mm (Size M/L)
93x145x89 mm (Size S)
95x160x90 mm (Size M)
95x174x91 mm (Size L)
58 g (Size XS)
59 g (Size S/M)
60 g (Size L/M)
93 g (Size S)
97 g (Size M)
102 g (Size L)
Temperature range

+5 °C bis +40 °C
-20 °C bis +70 °C

+5 °C bis +40 °C
-20 °C bis +70 °C
Flow resistance
at 50 l/min
at 100 l/min


0,15 hPa
Service life
up to 12 Month
up to 12 Month