AIRcon Gen2

The comprehensively updated and full featured AIRcon Gen2 respiratory gas humidifier is one of the most advanced humidifiers available. As a fully packed humidifier powerhouse, the AIRcon Gen2 includes all required parts and components you need for a worry-free, quick installation and safe operation. It’s advanced Servo-Control system allows for more precise and efficient humidity control and for a maximum of flexibility, which is essential to maintaining patient’s health and safety in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. The AIRcon Gen2’s outstanding improvements allow it to be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification, from the very low flows in infant ventilation to the very high flows in Nasal-High-Flow-O2-Therapy in adults.

The AIRcon Gen2 has been designed for

  • ease of use
  • adaptability
  • simplicity of operation
  • ease of maintenance and servicing
  • energy efficiency
  • long term reliability