LM Flow 100

LM Flow 100 – High-Flow therapy system with integrated humidifier

The LM Flow Series stands out from the rest with its simple operation, integrated oxygen monitoring which uses no consumables, and adjustable alarms. The ventilators provide a constant flow of air which is conditioned by the integrated humidifier. The treated gas can be delivered via a nasal highflow cannula directly into the tracheostomy with the help of a tracheostomy adapter.

The LM Flow 100 works with an air-mix technology that allows the user to set the desired oxygen concentration via the display. The device delivers a constant flow rate from 2 to 80 liters/minute that reduces the work of breathing by flooding the nasopharyngeal dead space and thus increases the patient‘s breathing efficiency in the acute phase.

Your Benefits with the LM Flow 100:

  • Automatic FiO2 control via blender module
  • Touch screen display
  • Humidifier chamber with auto-fill

Your Benefits in High-Flow Therapy:

  • Flushing of nasopharyngeal dead space
  • Reduction in respiratory effort
  • Humidification and warming of airways, which improves mucociliary clearance
  • Improvement in oxygenation