LM7 Patient Monitor

Patient monitoring with standard hardware configuration and additional slots

The LM7 monitor provides the most frequently used vital parameters including 3 /5 lead ECG, NIBP, SpO2, 2 TEMP and RESP. Thanks to plug-and-play modular structure, advanced monitoring functions such as Masimo SpO2, Nellcor SpO2, Suntech NIBP, 2-IBP, C. O. EtCO2 or Multi-gas can be flexibly added according to specific clinical requirements. Additionally, modules with advanced parameter can be shared among beds and compatible with the Modular Monitor LM 5, which offers a flexible and efficient solution, allows hospitals to make the most of their monitoring investment by sharing modules and reducing the total cost of ownership.

LM7 – Best Choice for Acute Care Monitoring

  • 15″ TFT LCD, Resolution: 768 x 1024
  • Module slot: 3
  • Standard configuration: 3 / 5 lead ECG, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, 2-TEMP, Lithium battery, Touch Screen
  • Optional module: 2-IBP, Masimo SpO2, Nellcor SpO2, Suntech NIBP; Sidestream/MicroFlow/Mainstream EtCO2, Mainstream/ Sidestream AG, C.O.
  • Other options: 12 lead ECG, Printer, Rolling stand, Wall mount, VGA, External Display WiFi, SD Memory card, Analog Output (ECG or IBP)

The LM7 modular monitor has been designed to meet everyday clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into the hospital workflow. In acute care, a patient monitor must be reliable, easy to use, upgradeable with advanced parameters, while allowing data access when and where needed. In case of patient transport, the device should be easy to carry. With its lightweight and plug-and-play modular design, its powerful functions and intuitive user interface, the LM7 patient monitor is therefore the best choice for acute care.

  • The LM7 monitor is designed to meet the requirements of various hospital environment. The parameters of the main unit fit every standard monitoring demand. The optional modules upgrade the LM7 monitor to suit acute care monitoring.
  •  The LM7 monitor’s built-in recorder and automatic event recording function guarantee the integrity of monitoring data.
  •  The LM7 monitor’s intuitive interface includes mass alarm set up, large font, and view-other bed functions. This interface together with the touch screen, rotary knob and customized quick keys, makes the LM7 monitor exceptionally user friendly.
  • The LM7 monitor is applicable for Emergency Room, General Ward, Operation Room, ICU, etc