VG 3100

The VitaGuard® VG 3100 is the most versatile of the Vita Guard® monitors. It monitors oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate and respiration of risk patients of all ages, thus giving medical personnel and caregivers the security they need, both in ambulatory and clinical environments.


  • Monitored parameters: Oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiration
  • Operating time with batteries: 8 h minimum
  • Displays: Graphical LCD display, 5 LEDs
  • Memory modes: Event, trend, full-disclosure and compliance
  • Alarm notification: Acoustic and visual
  • Data transfer: USB port


Comforting Monitoring
Monitoring can be accomplished at any time and in almost every place. The VitaGuard® VG 3100 generates acoustic and visual alarms when no respiration or movement is detected for a preset time, i.e. central apnea*, or when the measured oxygen saturation or heart rate violates the limits set by the operator. For SpO2, the Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET®) is used. A technical alarm is emitted and a corresponding message displayed should an electrode or the SpO2 sensor become loose. A port is also provided for connecting the monitor to an external alarm unit or a nurse call unit.
* obstructive apnea cannot be detected

Extensive Data Storage
In the event of a physiological alarm, the measured values, their associated waveforms, and the monitor settings for selectable periods prior to and after the event are automatically stored. Over 400 such events can be captured in the event driven memory. Both manual and interval driven data storage is also possible. Furthermore, additional limits may be set to capture events silently, for example, if the silent SpO2 lower limit is set to 92 %, then once the SpO2 value falls below this limit, the event will be silently registered by the monitor. Parallel to the event driven memory, the VG 3100 incorporates a 144-hour trend loop memory and a 16-hour full-disclosure loop memory for continuous data storage.

Innovative Technology – Easy to Use
Considering all its features, the versatile monitor weighs only approx. 700 grams. The clearly arranged layout of the control elements ensures ease of operation, not only for trained clinical personnel but also for caregivers without previous medical or technical training. The numerous ways of powering the monitor, be it via the mains supply, the rechargeable power pack, single-use batteries, or using the car power adapter, allow for a wide range of applications.

Comprehensive Data Evaluation
The stored values and waveforms can be viewed directly on the monitor’s high-resolution graphical LCD display. Alternatively, using VitaWin® software, the event, trend, full-disclosure and compliance recordings can be transferred to a PC via the USB port, visualized, evaluated and documented.