CPAP and APAP therapy
with integrated connectivity

prisma SOFT plus & prisma SOFT max
prisma SMART plus & prisma SMART max

  • Flexible. Secure. Reliable.

    With prisma SMART and prisma SOFT in the plus and max variants, we offer modern, reliable CPAP and APAP therapy featuring integrated connectivity, precise event detection and a high level of patient comfort.



  • The most important features at a glance

    • Two dynamic options for pressure adjustment in APAP mode
    • Deep sleep indicator prisma RECOVER for evaluation of sleep quality
    • Several convenience functions such as autoSTART, softSTART, pressure relief softPAP
    • Detection of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea, apnea and flow limitations
    • Reliable differentiation of obstructive apnea from central apnea, thanks to FOT (Forced Osciallatory Technique)
    • Extensive range of prisma accessories
    • Diverse interfaces (SD, PSG, LAN, internal Bluetooth, internal modem)
    • For 22 mm and 15 mm breathing tube systems
    • Unheard-of silence


  • Therapy journal

    In the therapy journal you can see your therapy progress and very simply document how good you feel.

  • This week

    The additional information from the prisma APP tells you all about your therapy.

  • Weekly view

    In the weekly view you can monitor your personal progress.

  • Goals

    Set your personal goals with prisma APP and get feedback.

  • Comfort settings

    The comfort settings in your prisma device can be adjusted conveniently via your smartphone.

Löwenstein software solutions

  • prisma APP

    Discover prisma APP with new functions such as daily summaries, weekly goals, your therapy diary, lots more tips and information.

    Learn more about prisma APP




  • prisma CLOUD

    The telemedical connection (telemonitoring / telesetting) for experts and patients. Information updated daily on therapy, fully automated, from anywhere

    Learn more

  • prisma JOURNAL

    Everything at a glance for patients, with no need to transmit data

    Learn more

  • prismaTS/prismaTSlab

    Therapy software for experts. For detailed data analysis and remote setting


prisma SOFT plus
CPAP therapy device with Bluetooth
LMT 31940
prisma SOFT max
CPAP therapy device with Bluetooth and modem
LMT 31980
prisma SMART plus
APAP therapy device with Bluetooth
LMT 31920
prisma SMART max
APAP therapy device with Bluetooth and modem
LMT 31960