Lifetherm resuscitation units

A resuscitation unit with a lot of different options for optimal adjustment to suit the application as well as the needs of the baby and operating staff.

  • Swiveling, fast-response radiant heater with integrated examination lamp
  • Conductive heat by a heated gel mattress
  • Quiet, electric height adjustment (up to 30 cm) with footswitch control on both sides of the bed*
  • Gentle electric bed tilting by pressing the corresponding button
  • Fold-down side panels available in various heights
  • Skin temperature control and display (accuracy ± 0.1°C)*
  • Covers available that can be opened on either side, as well as one-piece covers*
  • Trays which allow the attachment of control panels and ventilators
  • Standard rails for attaching accessories such as catheter holders, trays or suction devices*

*Optional accessory